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The haymow was a place of interest for Dad and Gramp. On Ground Hog Day, they spent a lot of time there, just looking and talking. Even some of the neighbours dropped in to give an opinion.

I asked Mum what Ground Hog Day had to do with all the men looking at the haymow.

"If the supply of winter food is going to last until the cattle are turned out to pasture in the Spring, when the green grass comes, half of the hay placed in the barn last summer should still be there on February Second," she said.

Although the winter weather was far below the temperature of summer haying time, make-shift hayracks were put on the bob sleds and several loads of hay, that Gramp could spare, were hauled to our barn. Since it was Saturday, Cliff and I were allowed to ride on top of the load. I think our weight on the boom pole helped to keep the hay from falling off. 

How much more hay would be needed continued to be a much-discussed topic. When Valentine's Day had passed, Dad had to make a decision - either sell some of the cattle or buy hay from a farmer at Lakeside.

Similarly, decisions need to be made in doing family research. Sometimes getting all the free material such as "Census Finder" - A Directory of Free Census Records with 33,169 links to free census records online at or from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick's 1,709,619 database records at or from NB Gen Links which provides thousands of links to over 2,000,000 online New Brunswick records, does not provide the answers we are searching for.

When you're willing to spend money, choices include:,, and the Genealogy Bank at with more than 26 million America's obituaries - 1977 to current year.

By the way, you can often choose as to the length of your subscription.

For the family researcher with ties to New England, a membership in The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) - - which is the oldest genealogical society in the USA gives access to several online databases.

A great place to visit is Cyndi's List, a large categorized and cross-referenced directory of sites useful for genealogical research, with hundreds of thousands of links at

The wind may howl and the snow may pile up, but all of this can be forgotten for a few hours, as you sit at the computer, travelling back in time, searching for information on your kin.

Query 1592
Cooper - Sweeny: James Edward Cooper was born in St. John County, New Brunswick in1845 to Edward and Martha Cooper. He married Elizabeth Mary Sweeny in 1870 who was born in Nova Scotia. Can anyone provide information on the Cooper family?
E. Burnett

Query 1593
Donovan - Coughlan - MacGowan - Lynch: Were Patrick Donovan born 1810, and James Donovan born 1811 of Petersville, brothers? Both married 26 Nov 1840 at St. Dunstan's Parish, Fredericton. Patrick to Julia Coughlan, James to Eunice MacGowan or Lynch. Did they have other family members?
Gill Donovan

Query 1594
Tabor - Colpitts: I am a descendent through the line of  Ammon Fowler Tabor, born in 1855 in Hammond Vale, Kings County, New Brunswick (m. Harriet Maude Colpitts b. Mar 3 1873) to Jesse Tabor, one of the first white children born after the landing of the United Empire Loyalists in 1783. I recently received Graeme Summerville's edited "The Tabor Papers" (Queenie was my Dad's first cousin).  My husband and I are planning a trip to New Brunswick this year and would love to connect with any relatives. Does anyone have information to share on the Tabor and Colpitts families?
 Mary Lou Rossiter
 5851 Kittiwake Drive
 Richmond, BC
 Canada, V7E 3P1

Query 1595
Dunnivan (Donovan) - Ryan: Anne Dunnivan, sometimes spelled Donovan, daughter of Daniel Dunnivan (Donovan) was born circa 1845 possibly Grandique, New Brunswick. She married Patrick Ryan, born in 1845 in Moncton. They had at least 8 children She died in Red Bank on May 22, 1942,  at the home of her son, Msgr. Frederick C. Ryan of St. Thomas Church. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Karen Ryan

Pengilly - Huestis: Seeking relatives or descendants of Mary Huestis Pengilly, daughter of Lewis Huestis of Queensbury, York Co., New Brunswick, Canada who married Robert Pengilly of Saint John in 1847. Her home was destroyed in the 1877 Fire in Saint John.

Any information would be appreciated - contact
Some information on Mary Pengilly at

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