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  When I was growing up, there was no television to watch. Entertainment was listening to grown-ups talk. Although I paid careful attention, quite often I didn't understand the comments they made. One that really puzzled me was, "You can take the boy from the country, but you can't take the country from the boy!"

Today, in doing genealogy, I would change that phrase to, "You can take the boy from New Brunswick, but you can't take New Brunswick from the boy!" This statement is very true about Todd Gilbert.

He was raised in Moncton and spent many hours of his youth travelling with his grandparents on their mail route from Moncton to Cape Tormentine, Sackville and Amherst. It is to these grandparents, Kay and Leonard Lawrence, that his own genealogy research is dedicated to.

Todd acquired his commercial aviation licence and spent eight years with the NB Air Tankers as a Birddog Pilot. He says he has literally covered every inch of New Brunswick, flying for surveys and fighting fires.

He saw a need for a website to house all the genealogical resource links for those researching New Brunswick and he built it. You can fly into this site filled with New Brunswick resources at http://nbgenlinks.new-brunswick.net

His desire is to make this site the most comprehensive tool possible for New Brunswick genealogy research. Some of the subjects included are: archives, libraries and museums; family and surname databases; gen web sites; general resources; geographical data and maps; government, cities and towns; mailing lists and newsgroups; military; newspapers and publications; online records; organization and societies; queries and also a variety of non-New Brunswick genealogy links that are so very useful to the researcher.

Todd Gilbert's site is an answer to the cry of many Net Surfers searching New Brunswick families to find all resources on one book shelf.

Like homing pigeons that fly back to their cote, so genealogists return to the land of their roots.

Information taken from the site on January 03, 2003

New Brunswick Genealogy Links

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Query 98-339

Haley - Kelly: I am looking for information on an Irish Catholic Haley family of the mid 1860s. Abigail Haley married Daniel Kelly on Sept. 4, 1860, at the Cathedral (Saint John) and had five children. She had passed on by 1871. She may have been related to a Daniel Haley of Saint John.
- Rev. Bernard Vanasse, St. Peter's Catholic Church, P.O. Box 53, Dighton, MA, 02715. Or E-mail to boutezenavant@webtv.net.

Query 98-340
Conley - Mckechim: I am seeking information concerning the family of Edward Conley and Agnes Mckechim. They were from the Deer Island area or maybe St. Stephen. They had a son, Percy Edward Conley, whose daughter was born in 1914.
- Mary Stanley, 1565 Magnolia Place, Cumming, GA, 30040. Or E-mail to btbars@mindspring.com.

Query 98-341
Cousins: I'm searching for any information on Percival Haliberten Cousins born Sept. 23, 1895, in Lubec, Me. His siblings were: Guy F., Sarah, George, Alfred, Cecil, Warren Amelia and Laura.
- Lee Pace, Rt. 7 Box 309, Edinburg, TX, 78539. Or E-mail to leenclay@sprynet.com.

Query 98-342
Dryden - Dickie: William Wesley Dryden was born in Moncton, N.B., about 1866. He died in Montreal, Que., in 1936. He had a sister Lillian Dryden who married Benjamin Asprey (Lillian too was born in Moncton and died in Montreal). William married Martha Eva Dickie in 1908 in Saint John. They lived in Campbellton and moved to Montreal. He was divorced and may have had children from a previous marriage. He used sign language as he had lost his hearing as a child. His second wife, Martha Eva Dickie, was also deaf and mute. I am trying to locate the names of his parents and any other information.
- Linda Dryden, 182 Dunn Dr., Montgomery, NY, 12549. Or E-mail to jbld@frontiernet.net.

Query 98-343
Neilson - Nelson - Hooley: I am looking for information concerning Thomas Nelson (Neilson) and Elizabeth Hool (Hoole) (Hools) (Hooley) who were married in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick or possibly in the American colonies. Thomas apparently came to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick in 1783 as a Loyalist. Elizabeth may have come with her family at about the same time. Elizabeth was reportedly Scottish. One report stated a Thomas Ne(i)lson was in the 2nd New Jersey Volunteers (maybe the British Legion 2) and came to the Saint John River settlement (or St. Ann) in 1783. If Thomas was in the British Legion 2, he may have gone to Halifax in 1783-84. Other unconfirmed reports had Thomas and Elizabeth in Shelburne. Thomas and Elizabeth had at least one child, my great-great-grandfather, James Neilson, who was born in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick in 1789. James eventually ended up in the Gaspé and married Mary Rafter in 1811.
- Larry Nelson, 63 Nottingham Blvd., Sherwood Park, Alta., T8A 5P1. Or telephone (403) 467 8918 or E-mail to sittler@telusplanet.net.

Query 98-344
Maguire - McNamer: Frank A. Maguire, son of Owen Maguire and Catherine McNamer, was born in E. Boston, Ma., sometime between 1869 and 1870. On his certificate of marriage to Alice Marie Jordan on April 29, 1898, he gave his parents' birthplace as Saint John, N.B. On this date they were deceased. Any information on this family would be appreciated.
- D. B. Maguire, 44219 11th St. East, Lancaster, CA, 93535. Or E-mail to DMag385269@aol.com.

Query 98-345
McGourty: My great-grandfather, Patrick McGourty, was born about 1850 in Kiltyclogher, County Leitrim, Ireland. He went to the United States about 1872. I have amassed a huge amount of data about other McGourtys in the U.S., but still have not completed tracing Patrick's route into the U.S. I would like to learn about Canadian McGourtys as well. I know there were some in the Saint John and Kings County area. It is possible that Patrick entered the U.S. from Canada. If you have McGourty information, I would appreciate hearing from you.
    - Margaret Merrill, 712 Caldwell, ID, 83605. Or E-mail to SMer621130@aol.com.

Query 98-346
Robertson - Robinson - Moody: I am searching for information on John and Elizabeth Robertson (Robinson). John Robertson (Robinson) was born in Ireland. He was married to Elizabeth Moody, also born in Ireland. Their son, John C. Robertson, was born on Feb. 27, 1864, at St. Stephen, N.B., and died Aug. 20, 1915, at Barre, Ma.
- K. Trottier-Robbins, 128 Charlesbank Rd., Newton, MA, 02458. Or E-mail to gentrace@ix.netcom.com.

Query 98-347
Tibbets: Benjimen Tibbets was married to Rhoda (?) prior to 1836. In the 1850 Census of Maine, Ben is listed as age 36 and being born in Maine. Rhoda is listed as 36 years old and born in New Brunswick. The first three children, the oldest being 16, were born in New Brunswick. Living with them was Samuel Tibbets aged 79 years, born in New Brunswick.
- Lloyd R. Danforth, 31 Norfolk St., Hartford, CT, 06112. Or E-mail to LloydDanforth@webtv.net.

Query 98-348
Dempsey: I am searching for William Demsey, supposedly born in April of 1837, at Lubec, Me. He was the son of Thomas (?) and Mary Allen Demsey. He died May of 1899, in Gloucester, Ma. Does anyone know if a Dempsey family lived in Charlotte County? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has Dempsey data in New Brunswick.
- Jim Dempsey, 3325 Lamarque Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio, 45236. Or E-mail to JGNL-Dempsey @worldnet.att.net.

Query 98-349
Weaver - Shivers: Frederick and Abigail (Shivers) Weaver came to New Brunswick with their son George in 1783. They were each granted a lot in Saint John. Their other children were: Henry, Barbary, Abigail, Adam, Frederick, Catherine, Hannah, Lowese and Elizabeth. George married Margaret Hall about 1785. Their children were: John, Frederick, Francis, George Jr., Sarah, Enoch, Ann, Ebenezer, Thomas, Andrew and William. George was also a part of the grant to Lt.Col. Isaac Allen in Kingsclear. Does anyone have any information on this family?
- Anna Beale, Box 701, Stn.M., Calgary, Alta., T2P-2J3. Or E-mail to 01860514@3web.net.

Query 98-350
Pinkerton: My great-great-great-grandfather was John Pinkerton, born 1820 in Northern Ireland. He died Oct. 5, 1891. His wife was Margaret, born in 1825 in Northern Ireland and died May 22, 1874. They emigrated from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, to New Brunswick in the mid 1840s. They had three children: James William Pinkerton; John Pinkerton Jr., who married Easter/Esther Hay; and Sarah Jane Pinkerton. All are buried in the family plot, St. Stephen, Charlotte County, N.B. I am interested in any Pinkerton connections in New Brunswick.
- Geoff Pinkerton, 401 Fader St., New Westmister, B.C., V3L 3S9. Telephone (604) 520-9594. Fax (604) 691-5950. Or E-mail to gpinkerton@wei.org. My homepage is www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/6840/. The Pinkerton resource page is at www.geocities. com/Heartland/Prairie/8980/.

Ruby Cusack is a genealogy buff living in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Readers are invited to send their New Brunswick genealogical queries to Ruby at rmcusack@nbnet.nb.ca. When E-Mailing please put Yesteryear Families in the Subject line. Please include in the query, your name and postal address as someone reading the newspaper, may have information to share with you but not have access to E-mail. Queries should be no more than 45 words in length.

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