Hot hunks of 1884
Was your ancestor one of Saint John's most eligible bachelors?

Valentine's Day
was a really wonderful time when I attended our little one-room school. Right after Groundhog Day, we started cutting paper doilies and red cardboard hearts to make decorations. I delighted in making fancy cards for Mum and Gram.

As the day approached, my brother Cliff and I would sit at the kitchen table carefully addressing our Valentines. We would ponder over which card to choose to give to our friends. This was a big decision for two little kids.

Finally it was Valentine's Day. We would pull our sleds behind us on our walk to school that morning. It was very difficult to concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic - the hill by the school kept beckoning us to come and coast. At last, it was time to start the party! Jackets, snowpants, mittens and hats were hastily pulled on. No zippers or Velcro in those days! We would rush out the school door like a herd of cattle. And after climbing to the top of the nearby hill, we would jump on our ski-runner sleds and fly over the crusty snow. We did not feel the cold biting at our noses as we were having too much fun.

Upon our return to the classroom, we would gather around the woodstove, drink hot cocoa and eat sandwiches and homemade cookies. Once we had eaten our full, we would open our Valentines and carefully read the messages from our classmates.

To us, Valentine's Day was for coasting, skating and eating. We were too young to consider this day as being a special time for love to bloom or to consider the traditions of leap year - a time when ladies were allowed to choose their lifetime partner.

On Feb. 14 of the leap year, 1884, The Saint John Globe gave the maidens of the area a very special Valentine. 

The headlines:

Their Standing in Business and in Society,
Their Accomplishments And Their Virtues.

To help the ladies in finding a suitable beau in this leap year, the Globe had published the names of more than 200 eligible unmarried men. Keep reading to learn of the virtues of Saint John bachelors as described in the Saint John Globe of 1884. Here are some of my favourites:

Silas Alward is a barrister with a lucrative practice, and fast becoming a leader at the bar, popular in society, on the lecture platform and in the political campaign; is in the prime of life, has a fine residence on Mount Pleasant; is a great traveller and will start at a moment's notice for Manitoba, Mount Vesuvius or the Soudan.

A. Shirley Benn, manager for Guy, Bevan & Co., young, good looking and clever business man; a general favourite among his friends and associates; boards on Germain Street; is very fond of dogs and horses.

Chas. E. Burpee, of I. & F. Burpee & Co., is a good business man, and rapidly acquiring wealth; prominent in the best society circles; a director of the Skating Rink, dresses in the latest fashions; lives on Mount Pleasant.

Wm. Court, one of the solid men of Portland, senior member of the firm of Court Bros., does a splendid business and knows how to retain it; eschews politics; owns considerable real estate; very affectionate, but retiring in his disposition, of sterling character, fine physique, and loves a good horse; residence Main Street.

Wm. B. Carvill will succeed to a splendid business; is Vice-Consul for France; of good physique and somewhat distinguished as an athlete; attentive to business, however, and likely to be very rich; is not a pushing man in society; lives on Waterloo Street.

J. Twining Hartt, one of the Dominion crack shots; captain of St. John's crack company - the Rifles; recently enrolled as an attorney, and has fame and fortune to make; made his debut as a singer at The Fusiliers' last concert; lives on Charles Street.

Alfred Morrissey, in J. & A. McMillan's, is unanimously pronounced by the ladies to be as "nice" as is possible; is heartily welcomed in all social circles; can talk intelligently on literature, art and natural history; taxidermy is among his hobbies; lives on Orange Street.

If you want to see if your ancestor was on the list of marriageable men, then scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

The Saint John Globe, Feb. 14, 1884, is on microfilm at the Saint John Free Public Library.
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Query 98-351
MacDonald - Cuthbertson: My great-great-great-grandfather, Hugh MacDonald, was born in 1822 in Nova Scotia - possibly Cumberland Co. He married Janet "Janey" Cuthbertson on Feb. 8, 1848, in Dorchester Parish, N.B. She was born in 1834 in Dorchester Parish, N.B. They had 13 children: Nancy, Eliza, Joseph, Elizabeth, Jennet, John, Maggie, Mary, Edward, Ivan, Alexander, Stilman and William. Hugh and Janey both died at McKee's Mills. He in 1898 and she in 1911. Hugh also had at least one brother, Alex MacDonald, who married Lizzie and had two children: Jim and Maggie. Anything on these individuals would be greatly appreciated.
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Ring - Buchanan - Drake - Trecartin: I am searching for any information on my great-great-grandfather, Barnabas (Barnard) Ring, who was born in 1816 and died in 1879. I also need to know more about Elizabeth (Buchanan) Ring. She was born in 1820; her death date is unknown. I would like to hear from any members of the Ring, Buchanan, Drake and Trecarten families of Saint John who may have any genealogical information.
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Some of the Marriageable Men of St. John in 1884

On Valentine's Day, 1884 The Saint John Globe published a list of two hundred and twenty five marriageable men of St. John. It gave their standing in Business and in Society.


To Be Read By Ladies Only.

William Avery an agreeable unassuming young man in receipt of a good salary . .

J. Vincent Breatherton is a bank officer attached to the Bank of Montreal, came from England, wears knickerbockers . . .

Rev. George Bruce, pastor of St. David's Presbyterian Church is a good preacher, boards at the Clinton House.

Augustus T. Bustin plays the organ in St. Stephen's Church and is a fine musician . . taken now will make an excellent husband.

William B. Chandler is one of the handsomest of the large array of bachelor barristers.

Enoch B. Colwell is a fish merchant, very ambitious and aspiring to political honors.

Montaque Chamberlain can swear in several Indian dialects . . much sought after by the ladies.

Peter Clinch, insurance agent . . was the champion amateur sculler.

David Corkery is engaged in a profitable meat business . . has no extravagant habits.

Geo. J. Chubb owns the best corner lot in St. John.

D. P. Chisholm is Principal of Leinster Street School. . has had two or three escapes from the matrimonial noose and is very shy.

A. H. DeMill, barrister used to be vigorous smoker but intends to give it up when he gets married.

Wm. F. Danaher believes in enjoying life while on this earthly pilgrimage.

Alfred Drake is a clerk in the Hotel Dufferin is obliging and courteous.

R. C. John Dunn is an architect and is a man with many friends and no enemies.

Edmund Fairweather, the indefatigable reporter of the Sun, like all journalists is working for fame.

George A. Fraser, shipbuilder of soldierly appearance.

Harold Gilbert works in the carpet department of M. R. & A., prominent in the Natural History Society.

Ezra W. Gale, Consul for the United States . . a good skater.

G. Osborne Hannah, dentist will make a good husband.

Lester Hartt is a good specimen of a New Brunswicker - tall, well built and muscular, lives on Charles Street.

John B. Jones is the best looking reporter in town, now on the Globe.

James A. Kilpatrick is a youthful druggist of a lovable disposition. Edward Lantalum would be very kind and obedient.

W. Malcolm Mackay does a large lumber shipping trade, boards on Prince William Street.

William Magee a keen fisherman and a good catch, boards at the Dufferin.

G. Wetmore Merritt let his beard grow when very young and is not as old as he looks.

Ewan Macfarlane is a great fisherman.

Gersbon S. Mayes is a government contractor, believed to be making money fast.

John McLauchlan is a left-handed curler and resides on Dorchester St.

W. David Morrow an Alderman for Ward 5, is a lime manufacturer. Youthful in appearance but old enough to assume the responsibilities of Matrimony, lives on Mill St.

B. Lester Peters is the Common Clerk and Police Magistrate of fine figure, dignified in appearance and dislikes to have his name in the newspapers. Thomas Pengilly the most silent member of the Common Council board.

Wm. H. Patton has never been sued for breach of promise.

John F. Ring should have someone to meet him at the door when he gets back to Carleton after the P. O. closes.

John Seely has made considerable money by shrewd investments.

Ernest H. Turnbull comes of a patriotic stock; born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but able to make his own way, lives on Elliott Row.

George P. Taylor is a fair-haired, quick tempered blonde and will be the head of his own house when he settles down.

Charles Taylor is a renowned runner and has distinguished himself on both sides of the Atlantic.

John Wishart, retired merchant has his house furnished.

James Woodrow enjoys a handsome salary as Deputy Postmaster.


To see a full listings of the brief descriptions of persons, character, etc. view the microfilm for Feb. 14, 1884 of the Saint John Globe.

Take a look and see if you have ancestors in the Leap Year List!

Adam, James

Adams, Arthur W.

Adams, Joseph

Allan, Walter H

Allen, George W.

Alward, Silas

Andrews, Joseph

Armstrong, J. S.

Ashe,  John F.

Avery, William

Barbour, Hedley V.

Barnes, R. Radford

Barry, John

Bayard, Robert

Benn, A Shirley

Bent, Gilbert

Berryman, Daniel E. (M.D.)

Blackhall, Michael

Blair, Clinton

Bourke, Thos. L.

Boyd, R. Murray

Breatheron, J. Vincent

Bristown, F. J.

Brittain, Albert

Bruce, Rev. George

Bunting, William F.

Burpee, Chas

Bustin, Augustus T.

Campbell Thomas

Carleton John

Carmichael John

Carney Lewis J.

Carter W. S.

Carvill Wm. B.

Chamberlain Montague

Chandler William B.

Chisholm D. P.

Christian Thomas

Christison A. G.

Chubb Geo.

Clinch D. Carleton

Clinch Peter

Coker Charles A.

Colwell Enoch B.

Connor John

Corey H. Y.

Corkery David

Correll James

Coughlan Thos. L.

Court Henry

Court Wm.

Coxetter Bartholemew

Crawford George R. J. (M.D.)

Crawford James

Cronin Timothy J

Currey Lemuel Allen

Daley James B.

Danaher Wm. F.

Daniel Franklin W.

Daniel John W. (M. D.)

DeMill A. H.

Dixon Miles B.

Dockrill J. Fletcher

Dodge Alfred

Dowling Thomas Q.

Drake Alfred

Drake W. Brunswick

Driscoll Capt. Michael

Duffell Henry

Dugard J. J.

Dunn R. C. John

Ellis George R.

Emery Alban F.

Everett Edwin J.

Ewing Joseph

Fairweather Edmund

Farrell Michael

Ferguson John C.

Finley Andrew

Flood George H.

Fotheringham Rev. Thos

Fraser George A.

Frost Edwin

Gale Ezra W.

Gallagher Henry

Gaynor J. G. (M. D.)

Gilbert Harold

Gilbert James

Godard H. J. A.

Guthrie John

Hannah G. Osborne

Harding Fred J.

Harrison Albert

Hartt B. Lester

Hartt J. Twining

Hatheway Wm. H.

Hayes Edward, jr

Hegan James B.

Hegan John P.

Hickson J. W.

Hilyard Chas. K.

Humphrey R. B.

Hyke Alfred C.

Jack L. Allen

Jones J. Gillis

Jones John B.

Jordan Francis H.

Kaye E. G.

Keane Cornelius

Kerr Hugh

Kilpatrick James A.

Kinnear John H.

Kirk James

Knight Joseph T.

Knowles Edward T. C.

Knowles Joseph S

Lake James H.

Lantalum Edward

Lantalum P. Walter

LeBlanc J. B.

Lee G. Herbert

Llandalls R.

Macdonald Charles A.

Macfarlane Ewan

Mackay W. Malcolm

Magee William C.

Magee William

Marshall Robert (Hon.)

Martin John F.

Mayes Gershon S.

McAvity George

McCrossin Bernard

McCullough Michael J.

McDonald Arthur

McGivern Richard P.

McGregor Charles S.

McIntyre James A.

McIntyre John P.

McLauchlin John

McLeod E.

McLeod Robert

McLeod Wm. D.

McMillian Thomas

McWilliams Richard H.

Melville Park A.

Merritt G. Wetmore

Merritt Joseph F.

Millidge Thomas

Morrissey Alfred

Morrow W. David

Mott Partelow

Mullin Daniel

Murray W. H.

O'Brien Richard

Parks William J.

Patterson R. B.

Patton Wm H.

Pengilly Thomas M.

Peters B. Lester

Peters Thomas W.

Potter Michael J.

Pringle Robert

Purdy John

Quigley John

Quinn William

Rankine Allan

Reed A. W.

Reed C. Crowe

Reid Thomas

Richey J.

Ring John F.

Ritchie Joseph H.

Robertson LeB. B.

Robertson Straun

Ross L. R.

Ruddock Joseph H.

Scovil R. Bruce

Seely John

Shatford J. D.

Short Charles K.

Slipp George L.

Smith Robert L.

Snider George H.

Souther John

Stephenson William

Stewart W. A.

Stothart Thos.

Straton James

Sturdee E. T.

Sullivan Richard

Tapley David

Tapley Edward

Tapley Fenwick W.

Taylor Byron G.

Taylor Charles

Taylor George P.

Taylor Jeremy

Thomas John L.

Thompson David

Thompson LeBaron

Thorne W. Henry

Tomney Charles

Toole James

Travis Robert B.

Troop Jacob V.

Tuck Frank

Tucker Joseph

Turnbull Ernest H.

Venning Albert E.

Vincent James

Wallace W. B.

Watters Frederick L.

Wedderburn Frederick V.

White Wm. H.

Willet David R.

Willis E. LeRoi

Wilson Richard W.

Winslow Warren

Wishart John

Woodrow Jamrs

Woodrow Ross

Worden R. Thomas

Young Fred