The Julian Tribe
by W. D. Hamilton

Valuable history of New Brunswick Aboriginal Families

Under the watchful eye of the teacher, we gathered around the sand table, working on creating an Indian village. A blue ribbon, buried in the sand, was the river with tiny birch bark canoes moored at the edge. Pieces of birch bark covered paper cones to resemble wigwams. Little twigs and evergreens were stuck in plasticine to show forests. Our clothes pin Indian Chief looked quite grand as he stood at the entrance to the tallest wigwam.

If we had lived in the Red Bank area of the Miramichi, we probably would have named him, Chief Julian.

 In the book, The Julian Tribe, W. D. Hamilton discusses in Part I, the events which occurred during the life and times of several of the Chief Julians in the Red Bank and Eel Ground Bands, of Northumberland County, from the late 1700s to the early 1900s.

Part II of the book is a biographical-genealogical compilation on the individual members of the tribe from the period of the earliest records until the beginning of the 20th century.

    “Dominic Alexander was baptized on June 27, 1848, at three weeks of age, as a son of Noel Laxado and Lucy Pier Paul. He married Angelique Ginnish in 1872. Records have been located for eight of their children.”

    “Joseph Dominic was among those “heirs and descendants of John Julian” who signed the Red Bank petition of 1848.”

    “Noel Gabriel married Moll Pelonick in 1853.”

    “John Julian’s wife was Bridget Francois. Their daughter Genevieve was married to John Thomas Ginnish during the St. Anne’s mission of 1796 in a ceremony conducted by Father Castonet.”
    “Cain Noel McKay was baptized as Stephen Noel McCoy and married as Eccain McCoy to Mary Ann Ginnish in 1853.”

    “Dominic Renou; his wife, Moll Magdalene Sappier; two children; and Dominic’s brother Peter were enumerated together in the North Esk Parish census of 1861. A copy of the will of Mrs. Dominic Renou, of Eel Ground, dated 1901 was written in Micmac and is held by the Public Archives of Canada.”

    “Noel Sinnot’s baptism record shows his parents’ names simply as Synoth and Molly. Noel married Charlotte Barnaby in 1871 and Jane Ginnish in 1880.”

     "John Sock was the husband of Marie Julian and they were living on the North West Miramichi in 1822."

    “John Whitney and Marie had a son, Stephen (Cain) Whitney baptized on November 23, 1823, at seven weeks of age.”

From the late 18th century onward, there was at least some agriculture carried on by members of the Julian Tribe. On a limited scale, they grew crops, and they kept oxen and horses. From an early date, the men of the tribe worked in the lumber industry on the Miramichi. The able-bodied men were on the river drives in the spring and in the sawmills in the summer - side by side with their non-Indian counterparts. There were also tradesmen among the members of the tribe in the 19th century - coopers, cobblers, plasterers and so on.

The Julian Tribe’ by W. D. Hamilton was a first of its kind in the region when it came out 19 years ago and there is still little else in print on the history of the reserves and the genealogical heritage of the aboriginal population of New Brunswick and the other Maritime provinces.

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I am seeking information on any of the following. John Weaver was born circa 1800,  possibly the son of George Weaver who was married to a Mary Estey and they had a son Moses Estey Weaver born in Sunbury County in 1826.
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Kinney - Kirkland - Weeks
: I am searching for the parents of Martha A. Kinney, who was born in September of 1859 in Moncton, New Brunswick. She died 18 December 1925 in Milo, Maine. She was married to James F. Kirkland, who was born in 1835 in New Brunswick - possibly the son of John Kirkland and Sarah Elizabeth Weeks. Martha and James F. Kirkland are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor, Maine.
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