An Index to Irish Immigrants
in the
New Brunswick Census of 1851

I sat spellbound as the teacher read the story of the boy who captured the Leprechaun. I could see all those gold coins rolling out of his pockets and I had a bright idea. Maybe there were leprechauns in our pasture, just waiting to be found.

When I told Cliff my great idea, he didn’t seem to be very enthused, but anyway, he accompanied me on my search.

Since folk who are researching their Irish ancestors go searching in places where information might be found, I suggest taking a look at “An Index to Irish Immigrants in the New Brunswick Census of 1851", which was edited by P. M. Toner and published in 1991.

This 378 page publication has the names of about twenty-one thousand Irish immigrants who were enumerated in the 1851 census for New Brunswick. If stated in the census, the date of entry, age, religion and place of residence is given. For many, a step farther has been taken, by giving the place of origin.

    * David Floyd entered New Brunswick in 1820. In 1851, he was 42 years old and living in Norton Parish. His religion was Presbyterian. No origin was given.

    * Margaret Brophy entered New Brunswick in 1825. In 1851, she was 52 years old and living in Blackville Parish. Her religion was Catholic. Irish origin was given as Cork.

    * Denis McCluskey entered New Brunswick in 1840. In 1851, he was 35 years old and living in Maugerville. His religion was Catholic. Irish origin was given as Derry.

    * Samuel Rogers entered New Brunswick in 1822. In 1851, he was 29 years old and living in Northampton. His religion was Methodist. Irish origin was given as Tyrone.
    * Catherine McClintock entered New Brunswick in 1847. In 1851, she was 14 years old and living in Simonds Parish, Carleton County. Her religion was Baptist. Irish origin was given as Derry.

You will find “An Index to Irish Immigrants in the New Brunswick Census of 1851", edited by Peter Toner in several research institutions.

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Query 1053
Hayes - Royal Visit To New Brunswick:
I have been researching the John Hayes Family of New Brunswick. My grandfather William Henry Hayes owned and operated a livery stable, first in Head of Millstream and later in Sussex. I remember being told as a child that during a Royal Visit to New Brunswick, pre 1910,  he supplied and drove the carriage for the Royal Visitor or Visitors. If this information is correct I would like to include it in my family history. If this is true, would anyone have a  photo of the Royal visitor in the carriage and would it be possible to get a copy.
     -Lorraine Braun, Box 3, Simmie, SK, Canada, S0N 2N0. Phone/fax: (306) 297-6404.  E-mail

Query 1054
George Lynch was born in 1841 in Saint John and died in 1899 in New York City. His wife was Ruth who was born in Ireland. Can anyone provide information on him or his parents?
    -Frank Lynch, 4310 Botticelli, Lake Oswego, OR, USA, 97035-1306. E-mal

Query 1055
I am looking for information on Bernard Duffy, his wife Margaret and his daughter Bridget. They entered New Brunswick from Ireland in 1827 and settled in New Ireland, Albert County. I am interested in knowing if there are any immigration records on them and where in Ireland they came from.
    -Helen Danahy, 81 Radcliffe Dr, Apt. 410, Halifax, NS, Canada, B3M 4P2. E-mail to

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