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As soon as Mum saw the mail go by, she insisted we hurry to the box to bring her the newspaper. Gram was even more insistent that someone rush down the hill to fetch the paper as soon as the mailbox was turned.

Since I couldn’t read big words, I wondered what would be so interesting in the newspapers that adults could hardly wait to open them and then they sat hidden behind them for hours on end.

Mum’s answer to my 'why’ question was, “You find out about people and places you know.” 

This made me even more confused.

The years have slipped away. I too, rush to open the newspaper. It seems that I am not content to read just the news of today. I want to read the long out-of-circulation newspapers to find out what happened in the lives of my ancestors and in their communities.

Time has brought changes. I now sit at the computer and read newspapers that were published many years ago.

One of the sites that can be accessed for a subscription fee is Paper of Record at

Being from Kings County, my first selection from this site was the Kings County News that was published in Hampton. In the eight hundred and six pages from 1894 to 1896, I found many interesting items.
    * A runaway team owned by Mr. Floyd caused critical injuries to Miss Fannie Barnes.

    * Margaret M. Brady, the daughter of the late Dr. Brady, married W. Bliss Logan at the residence of Mr. Alexander Rankine on Hazen Street in Saint John.

    * Mr. Arthur Titus wrote home of his trip to the Klondike and his experience aboard  the ship Lightning.

The 6,655 pages of Saint John’s Morning Freeman 1860 to 1870 hold lots of news, including in the September 04, 1860 issue an alphabetical listing of the Electors for the East and West Side of the Harbour of Saint John.

In the Saint John Daily Sun of 1906 to 1908, you will even find the listings of the guests who stayed in local hotels. 

Some obituaries provide detailed information. On July 31, 1906, the death of Shadrach L. Smith, the eldest son of the late Otis J and Isabelle Smith occurred at Leadville, Colorado. One of his sisters, Mrs. Sherman Hoyt resided on Waterloo Street.

A partial listing of Fredericton’s Head Quarters contains 2,730 pages covering 1844 to 1868.

More than five million pages of world wide newspapers have been digitized and placed on the Paper of Record site at

Search historical newspapers

If you are trying to locate an item that was published in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, Fredericton Daily Gleaner, Moncton Times Transcript or the Saint John Telegraph Journal during 1998 to 2003, the Archives at will lead you to the vault of archived material from all four newspapers covering this five-year period. One can search this archive free of charge and generate an article list showing dates published, publication and the first paragraph. There is a small charge to obtain the full text of articles in this archive.

Query 1056
Craig - Silliphant - Gifford:
I am looking for information on my grandmother Louise Theresa Craig. She was born 15 Jan 1871 in Saint John. Her parents were Gilbert W. Craig and Elizabeth Silliphant. She had a brother Ernest C. Craig born 12 May 1877. She married Henry Herbert Gifford and died in Massachusetts.
    -Henry W. Gifford, 4 Prospect Street, North Brookfield, MA, 01535, USA. E-mail

Query 1057
Casey - Miller - Gray - Hartery:
John Baptise Miller married Elizabeth Ann Gray on 14 October 1844 at Chatham. Their son, John Miller was born in March, 1854 and married Mary Hartery on 18 June 1876. The Millers moved to Bangor, Maine in 1880. Daughter Elizabeth Irene Miller married Patrick John Casey who was born 1879 at Chatham. Any information would be appreciated.
    -James V.Casey, 49 Investigator Drive, Woodcroft, South Australia 5164. Email     

Query 1058
McAllister - Brannen - Kilpatrick - Campbell:
I am researching the McAllister families in Kings County, particularly the James McAllister and Sarah Eleanor Brannen family. I am interested to know if the Wesley McAllister, who was born about 1831 in Upham and shown in the 1861 census with wife Eleanor and family could be a son of James McAllister. Wesley's son John Wesley McAllister and his wife, Sarah Ann Kilpatrick, lived in Upham and Parleeville. Their children were Wilford, Louise (Mrs. Asa Campbell), Edgar, possible H. Bethia, Ethel, Cora May, Celia, Clarence, Myrtle Gertrude and Murray Joseph. Any information received will be greatly appreciated. 
    -Jan Mackie, 3935 Bambi Avenue N.E., Salem, OR, 97303, USA. E-mail

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