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Thinning turnips was not my idea of an enjoyable way to spend a hot summer’s day. But according to Dad, the thinning needed to be done, now, before the weeds took over. As Cliff and I worked side by side, I talked and he listened.

I told him, “A portable typewriter is the first thing that I am going to buy when I get through school and get a paycheque.”

He stopped the hoe in midair and asked, “Why?”

I explained, “I want to type all the information that Gram, other relatives and neigbours have told me.” “ It is to look really ‘good’ not just some handwriting on sheets of paper.” “I am also going to go to libraries and museums and get lots more information.”

Up in Sussex, maybe G. Harold Markham had the same idea many years before I did. He was born in Markhamville on 02 February 1882. His father John Markham, who was born in  Laceby, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England in 1854  had settled there after coming from England at the age of 17 in 1871 to work in the Queen’s Manganese Company mine that was managed by his only brother Alfred Markham. His mother was Caroline Boyer from Saint John.

Harold Markham attended school in Sussex and the New England Conservatory. He married Lily Boardley of England in 1913 in Saint John. He worked as a railway mail clerk until he joined the 12 Siege Battery and went to fight in World War One. After the war, he returned to Saint John to his former position. He retired in 1944 after thirty-five years of service. He served as President of the New Brunswick Historical Society. It appears, he resided for several years at 116 Wright Street in Saint John.

Gathering information on families, mainly with Kings County Roots, seems to have been a real obsession with him. He typed his notes of the many families, on probably his first typewriter, often adding hand written comments where clarification was needed. He must have been quite the letter writer as letters he received, contained such information as 1) “Edward Lee Street was born on 29 September 1841 - joined the 11th Devonshire Regiment of Foot and was made ensign, 21 February 1861.  2) George Taylor, Joseph R. Taylor’s grandfather was born in Yorkshire, England in 1751. 3) Timothy Hierlihy married Elizabeth Wetmore 14 May 1755.

Information is given in his notes on many marriages including details of events that took place before and after the marriage.

Extensive details are given on many families such as Allen, Arnold, Baird, Barberie, Baxter, Botsford, ,Bowser, Carman, Carter, Chandler, Connell, Cooney, Cougle, Crawford, DeForest, Dennison, Dibblee, Dickson, Drummond, Faulkner, Fawcett, Fellows, Fowler, Ganong, Harrison, Hatch, Hatheway, Hazen, Hierlihy, Howe, Humphrey, Jack, Morton, Murray, Oliver, Oulton, Parlee, Pugsley, Sederquest, Sherwood, Snider, Street, Theal, Upham, Vail and Wilmot.

The Kings County Museum in Hampton has a file of four hundred pages of notes by G. Harold Markham with an index, which has been integrated into the Master Index to many of their genealogical sources.

Although the print of the Markham papers does not compare to the present day laser printing, the information is of high quality for the family researcher.

The Kings County Museum, Hampton is open June 16 to September 30, Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to  4:30 p.m.  Visit their website at http://

By the way, a Ghost Walk hosted by the Kings County Museum will be held at the Acadian - Loyalist Burial Ground, French Village, #930 Route 860 on July 7, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. with a rain date of July 8. Last year more than 90 people attended this interesting walk which will be led again this year by Karl Beyea. The ghosts who will once again walk through the burial ground will include Joseph Robichaud, James Beyea, Huldah DeBow, Andrew Sherwood, John Bull and the French priest with his attendants.

A group of 125 to 150 people attended the Ghost Walk at the Acadian - Loyalist Burial Ground on July 7, 2004.  The weatherman provided a beautiful summer's evening.  The event was enjoyed by all.

Query 1181
Doherty - Tower - Wry - Smith - Buck: My great-grandfather, Robert B. Doherty, son of Hugh B. Doherty and Rebecca Tower, lived in Westmorland County, New Brunswick. He married Eunice Smith (nee Wry) and was the father of 3 children, Eva Pearl, Burton Leaman and Nellie M. Can anyone provide me with information on this Doherty family? Also interested in locating information on Ann Jane Buck, who was married in Sackville in 1879 to Robert’s older brother, Joseph. She was widowed after two years of marriage and I have found nothing about her after that date. There was another brother, William Doherty, who was born in 1866. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
S. K. Murdock
2 Marshview Estates, Apt. 8
Truro, NS
Canada, B2N 6Z8

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