A History of the Anglican Church in the Parish of Springfield
and a General History of the Surrounding Area
by Ernest G. C. Graham

I think the “Early Bird” gets the worm was Dad’s motto. But it was no worm we were looking for this morning. The task was turning the grindstone, while the morning air was still cool, so Dad could sharpen the scythes and the sections on the cutter bar of the horse drawn mowing machine. Cliff poured the water on the grindstone, while I turned the handle. Dad sat on an overturned nail keg and pressed the steel edges in just a certain way so as to get a good cutting edge.

Now if we had been the children of one of the ministers at the Trinity Church in Springfield, we probably would have never had to help in the task of sharpening the haying utensils as the minister did his work on Sunday from the pulpit not out in the fields in the hot sun.

The Reverend James Scovil, who arrived in New Brunswick 23 May 1786, the first minister to preach in the Springfield area, did not break his ties with Connecticut but returned to spend the winter month there until 1788 when he built his parsonage at Kingston at his own expense. He had a family of seven sons and two daughters. In 1831, his son William gave the large Bible that is still used in the Trinity Church at Springfield. Another son, Elias Scovil followed in his father’s footsteps. A grandson William Elias Scovil also became a minister.

In 1813, the Reverend Elias Scovil was visiting Springfield once a month. In 1819, a meeting was held concerning the building of a church at Springfield. Fortunately the minutes of this meeting and down to the present day have survived.

On 20 July 1826, Bishop John Inglis visited Springfield. More than 300 people were at the church before 10 o’clock to be present when the Bishop consecrated Trinity Church and confirmed 75 persons.
A History of the Anglican Church in the Parish of Springfield and a General History of the Surrounding Area by Ernest G. C. Graham provides a wealth of information on the churches, community and settlers in this 1983 publication of 225 pages. It is available for viewing in several research institutions.

The Annual Memorial Service will be held at Trinity Church, Springfield, on July 18, 2004 at 2:00 p.m. Faye Pearson will speak on the White and Cromwell families as well as conduct a 'scavenger hunt' for information from the stones.
Donations of past services have made it possible to undertake improvements to the cemetery. Please plan to attend to view these improvements and enjoy the service.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about some Loyalists individuals in Saint John, I suggest you meet Joan Pearce at the Loyalist Plaza on Thursday evening, July 15, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. as she will be holding a Ghost Walk up King Street, along Canterbury Street, by Trinity Church to the Court House steps and then to the Loyalist Burial Ground where more ghosts will be waiting to tell you about some events in their lives. Probably the spirits who show up will be of Ward Chipman, Sarah Frost, Mr. Barlow, Benedict Arnold, Mr. Winslow, Elias Hardy, Coonradt Hendricks and several others.

Query 1182
Bragdon: I need information on the children of Nathaniel Bragdon who resided in Burton in 1773 - Elijah, Margaret, John, and Mary. Nathaniel had six children by 1809. Does anyone know the names of his other two children? Did this Nathaniel's, children eventually, settle in the parish of Southampton, York County, New Brunswick?
Rose Staples
1080 Route 605
Maple Ridge, NB
Canada, E6E 1W6
E-mail roses@nbnet.nb.ca

Query 1183
Kneeshaw - Smith: Robert Kneeshaw and M. Sarah Smith, were married in 1814 in Stokesley, Yorkshire, England. They came to Canada circa 1840 with children, Elizabeth, William, Richard, Amelia, John, Robert, Thomas, George, Sarah, Margaret and Joseph. Any history on the Kneeshaw family would be much appreciated.
Robert Kneeshaw
u8/29 Belmont Avenue
NSW 2065
E-mail rkneeshaw@hotmail.com
Query 1184
Foley - Currie - Corry: Catherine Foley was born in Saint John in May of 1824. Married Robert Currie (Curry, Corry) in Saint John 5 July 1849.  Emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1854. Seeking information on Catherine's parents who arrived in New Brunswick from Queenstown, Ireland.
Mark E. Radville
12 Parsons Road
West Newbury, Massachusetts
USA, 01985
E-mail  radville@comcast.net                                                                  

Query 1185
Mitchell - Williams: Andrew Mitchell married Mary Williams on 4 Sept. 1856 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Saint John. Andrew died in1907 in Johnville at age 72. Mary (Jane) died between the 1881 and 1891 census. I have her as born in England in 1838 with Samuel as father. I'm interested in parents and siblings for both.
Pamela Johnson
59 Orchard Dr.
Gaithersburg, MD
USA, 20878
E-mail pjohnson301@aol.com

Query 1186
Crandall - Hopper - Kelly - Terret: I am seeking information on the birth, marriage, and death of Warren P. Crandall, who was one of six sons of Rev. David and Elizabeth (Hopper) Crandall of St. Martins, New Brunswick.  He married Anna Maria (Kelly) Terrett. They had one son, Chauncey Warren (1866-1908). I also know from the 1870 census records that they lived in New York City in the house of a John Blowvilt. Ann Maria’s first husband was Horatio Nelson Terrett
Owen Clough
8210 Haven Harbour Way
Bradenton, FL 
USA, 34212

Query 1187
Lynch - Leary - O’Leary: Daniel Lynch, Dunmanway, Ireland married Julia Leary, Kinneigh, Ireland. After her death in Saint John, he married Mary O'Leary, who appears to have been his cousin. His children were Mary, Ellen, Johanna, Catherine, Jeremiah, John, George, Margaret Ann, Daniel. Jeremiah (Mary Brown) and George Lynch went to San Francisco. Any information on members of the families would be appreciated.
3983 So. McCarran Blvd. #265
Reno, NV
89502, USA.
E-mail  familygenie@charter.net

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