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Early Families of  "The Mackadavy"

Firewood and frolic seemed to go together like a horse and carriage. Dad and Gramp, with the help of a neighbour and a hired man, had worked together to cut several loads of hardwood and hauled it home on bobsleds. Now the time had arrived to get it cut into lengths for the kitchen stove as well as longer sticks for the furnace.

 Len and his dapple grey team of horses arrived on Friday afternoon with the woodcutter and the one-cylinder gas engine that powered it. In no time it was set up and ready to start work early on Saturday morning.

In the meantime, Aunt Sadie and Greta helped Mum to prepare all the food that would be needed the next day to feed the crew, which was going to be a large one as some friends and relatives had volunteered to help, plus the exchange of hands among neighbours that always took place for the woodcutting.

Calvin Craig of Bonny River had a different kind of frolic in preparing his book, Early Families of “The Mackadavy”.  Sixty people researched, compiled and submitted genealogies of thirty-eight  local families for thirty-six chapters of his five-hundred page book. Primary names include, Ash, Beney, Bliss, Bonney, Brockway, Campbell, Clinch, Corning, Cox, Craig, Davidson; Dawson,  Dillman, Essensa, Frost, Garnett, Gillmor, Goss, Grearson/Grierson, Harmon, Lee, Moreland, MacKay, Milne/Mylne, Munson, Nash, Neal/Neil, Nichols, O'Neill, Pratt, Radley, Sherwood, Spinney, Stewart, Sunderland, Waltman, and Williamson.

The “Selected Chronology” chapter provides some very interesting facts. Joseph Sherwood was born circa 1688 in Rye, New York. Joel Bonney was born 14 Aug. 1740 in Pembroke, Massachusetts. On 15 May 1776, Peter Clinch was promoted to Lieutenant and appointed adjutant, Royal Fencible Americans at Amherst, Nova Scotia. In London in 1787, Dr. William Paine was given permission and moved back to Massachusetts. The Piskahegan Military Blockhouse was planned in 1800.  In 1803, the Edward Winslow census statistics shows Charlotte County had 2622  inhabitants.

More than five hundred grants were made to the Settlers of the Mackadavy and they are listed from North boundary of the parish of St. George, South to Passamaquoddy Bay. First listed are those on the West side of the Magaguadavic River followed by those on the East side of the river which includes L’tang.

To assist in locating information on a particular person, the book has a full name index.

The history of the settlements and their settlers of the Magaguadavic Valley  includes St. George, Bonny River, Second Falls, Lee Settlement and Piskehegan.

Early Families of “The Mackadavy” by Calvin Lee Craig is available for viewing at the libraries in Saint John and St. Stephen as well as at other research institutions.

Copies can be purchased from C. L. Craig, 1104 Rte. 770, Bonny River, NB., Canada, E5C 1E1. Phone 506-755-6800. E-mail to

Query 1290
Seeley: Austin Seeley (1803 – 1858), (son of Ebenezer and possibly grandson of James D. Seeley) of Inverness County, River Denys Basin, Nova Scotia  married circa 1836 to Lucy Vaughan, the daughter of a ship building family. Children were James W., Hiram H., John Byron, Ann, Jane, Walter and Benjamin Franklin. In the early 1850s, they moved to Renfrew, Ontario and later to Illinois.

Query 1291
Harrison: Searching for Jane Harrison, born 13 Nov 1904, emigrated to Saint John, New Brunswick from Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland in April 1928 with her sister MARY, born 17 Feb 1907. Any information gratefully received.
40 Broad Oak
Headington OXFORD

Query 1292
Morton: Who were the parents of Francis Morton, born circa 1802 in Hammondvale, New Brunswick or in Nova Scotia?  He married Margaret Ann Tabor, daughter of Noah Tabor, in December of 1829 at the Anglican Church in Hampton. They moved to Kent County in 1855 and to the Moncton area circa 1859.  Margaret Ann's father was Noah Tabor. The mother of Francis Morton may have remarried to a Mr. Handrigan. Oral history claims that we are direct descendants of Elkana Morton who came to Cornwallis in 1760.
209 Northcliff Avenue
Beaconsfield, Quebec
Canada, H9W 6C3

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