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History of Argyle and Vicinity

by Annie Dyer and Herbert Bradley

Mum took one look at me when I walked through the door and asked, “What is wrong?”

I answered with, “I have terrible pains in my stomach.”

Without a word, she disappeared into the pantry and returned with a cup and a spoon. Her instructions were, “Take this and you will feel better.”

I opened my mouth wide for the spoonful of medicine. It was terrible tasting! There was no place to spit!  I had to swallow the eggshells and molasses!

Eggshells must have been a hand-me-down Kings County remedy, as way back in June of 1866, Eliza Cromwell of Springfield wrote to her friend Matilda Jane Smith in Argyle, “Tell Maria to be sure to eat egg shells for the pain in her stomach, for they have cured me.”

David Smith, his wife Nancy MacLelland and small children had come from County Tyrone, Ireland in the early 1830s and settled first in the parish of Springfield, Kings County near Belleisle. By June of 1866 David, Nancy and son David William, along with their three adult daughters - Matilda Jane, Maria and Lucia - were living in Argyle.

While reading, the 1979 publication,“History of Argyle and Vicinity” by Annie Dyer and Herbert Bradley, I also learned about the moving of several families from the Counties of Kings, Queens and Saint John to Argyle.

Edward H. Smith of Passekeag  married Hannah Bettle of Hampton in 1856. By 1865, they were in Argyle with their five children.

William Thompson who formerly lived in Codys and his wife Isabella Armstrong, whose parents came from Jedburgh, Scotland established a hotel there for travellers by 1876.

Richard Boyd was a half brother to Robert Jordan, and came from Dingletycooch or Jordan’s Mountain, Kings County about thirteen miles north of Sussex. He married Susan Jamieson and they had several children when they moved to Golden Ridge.

George Campbell and family left Millidgeville, now part of Saint John, in 1880 by boat, accompanied by a cow and settled in Golden Ridge.

Zemro White, who was born in 1852 in White Settlement, near Houlton, Maine and his wife Annie Whiteman came to Northfield in 1882.

Some of the surnames discussed are: Akerly, Anderson, Andow, Appleby, Arbo, Ball, Boyd, Branscombe, Brown, Buchanan, Buckley, Cahill, Campbell, Re Agatha Carpenter, Chute, Condren, Corey, Crawford, Crawford, Currie, Currie, Doucette, Dyer,  Faulkner, Fisher, Gardiner, Gillespie, Glenn, Guthrie, Hallett, Harvey, Hemphill, Home, Hovey, Hudson, Hughes, Humphrey, Jamieson, Jordan,  Lilly, Lindsay, Lloyd, Lunnie, Mackey, MacLachlan, Mann, McCordick, McCrossin, McDonald, McElhinney, McKenzie, McLaughlin, McLean, Milbry, Miller, Odell, Powers, Rogers, Rogers, Ryan, Sewell, Shaw, Sherwood, Skinner, Smith, Somerville, Sproul, Starkey, Stewart, Taylor, Thompson, Thorne, Upton, Weeks, White, Whitehouse, Wiggins, Wiley, Wilson, and Worden.                

History of Argyle and Vicinity by Annie Dyer and Herbert Bradley is available for viewing at  the Florenceville, Hartland and Woodstock Libraries and at the New Brunswick Legislative Library in Fredericton.

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