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Formerly of New Brunswick, Now of Nova Scotia

An Index to New Brunswickers in Nova Scotia Vital Statistic Records 1864-1877
by Heather Long

Mum’s hands were never idle. She always had some task that had to be done. Tonight was no different. She took her sewing basket into the livingroom and commenced doing the week’s mending. A button was needed on Cliff’s white shirt. The hem had come out of my skirt. A patch had to be placed on the knee of Ken’s pants. Finally she took out the sock darner and darned the work socks.

When Dad came in from doing the barn chores, the dog came rushing through the kitchen door, ran over to the couch, and jumped up on Mum’s knee, sending her sewing basket flying across the floor with thread, needles, straight pins and balls of yarn going in every direction.

We were down on our hands and knees trying to locate all the needles when Gramp arrived and inquired, “Are you looking for a needle in the haystack?”

Searching for vital statistics of ancestors is often a hunt for the needle in the haystack. If your relatives happened to have been from New Brunswick and were married or died or gave birth in Nova Scotia from 1864 to 1877, the search has been made easier by Heather Long, who compiled “Formerly of New Brunswick, Now of Nova Scotia: An Index to New Brunswickers in Nova Scotia Vital Statistic Records 1864-1877".

The 74-page publication gives information on 987 births, 1197 marriages, and 381 deaths. The alphabetized birth tables, for example, show Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Date of Marriage, Place of Marriage, Date of Birth (of the child), Place of Birth, County, Page, and Entry Number. Marriages give Name, Age, Birthplace, Residence at time of Marriage, Father’s Name, Mother’s Christian Name, County, Page, Date of Marriage, and Entry Number. In the Deaths, Name is given, Age, Birthplace, Place of Death, Father’s Name, Mother’s Christian Name, County, Page, Date of Death and Entry Number.

The Nova Scotia government began keeping birth, marriage and death records in 1864, each county maintaining their own record. In 1877 birth and death records were discontinued and not re-established until the twentieth century. They kept on recording marriages.

Some examples of New Brunswick connections:

Ewan Cameron and Nancy Passmore were married on 27 Oct. 1847 in Harvey, New Brunswick. A child was born to them on 15 Jun. 1870 in Goose River, Cumberland County.

George Hunter and Barbara McMorris were married 13 Nov. 1867 in Shemogue and had five children born to them in Goose River.

William Oxley and Frances Howard were married in 1865 in Saint John and had six children born to them in River Philip.

Gordon and Anna DeWolf’s 32 year-old son, John M, was born in St. Stephen and was residing in Halifax when he married on 22 Nov. 1865.

Eliphalet R. Fowler, son of George and Elizabeth, was born in Sackville and was aged 25 and residing in Sackville when he was married in Cumberland County on 18 Sep. 1869.

The parents of Ann Martha Dickey, who was born in Saint John, were William and Lavenia Harper. She died at age 69 in Cornwallis on 5 Apr. 1866.

Hannah Matilda Woodman, the daughter of John and Sophronia Nice was born in Saint John and died at age 38 on 17 Jul. 1872 at Greenwich, Horton.

Heather Long extracted more than twenty-five hundred names with New Brunswick connections that were recorded within a thirteen-year period in the Vital Statistics Records of the Counties in Nova Scotia. Her compilation, “Formerly of New Brunswick, Now of Nova Scotia: An Index to New Brunswickers in Nova Scotia Vital Statistic Records 1864-1877" can be viewed at a number of larger New Brunswick libraries.

Query 1295
Robinson: In June of 1862, the Boston Journal announced the death of Qtr. Master Ivory B. Robinson, 11th Maine Regiment, on board the Daniel Webster from Fortress Monroe to Boston. It states that a few years ago, he was a member of the late firm E.B. Rich & Co., Carleton (Saint John). Does anyone know what kind of work this company did?  Ivory was born in Northampton, N.B. in 1815.  His parents are in the Sebec, Maine census in 1820. In 1838, he married a girl from Cherryville, Maine. He was living in Whitneyville, Maine in the 1850 census
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Gainesville, FL
32608, USA

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