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125th Anniversary
Trinity Church, Kingston 1789-1914

Since Grampie was in a great mood for talking about the days of his youth, we were hearing stories that had not been previously told to us.

As the smoke curled from his pipe, he said, “I was six years old when my brother Leveret was baptized at the age of five weeks in the Trinity Church in Kingston. It was a really large baptism as my brother Wes, three sisters and I were also baptized at the same time.”

If he had read, the "125th Anniversary - Trinity Church, Kingston" by Rev. Gordon C. Lawrence published in 1914, he might have been surprised to learn that in 1786 the Rev. Richard Clarke arrived in Kingston about June 23 and in the course of ten days baptized fifty-seven persons including five adults. Grampie might have been even more surprised to learn these baptisms were recorded in the parish records of Gagetown.

Some of the names I found in the Gagetown parish records were:
    Brigges - Agnes, daughter of  John and Agnes Brigges
    Carton - Issiah, son of James and Elizabeth Carton 
    Crawford - Robert, son of James and Rachel Crawford
    DeForest - Samuel, son of  Ephriam and Sarah Deforest
    Dryden - John, Mary and William, the children of  William and Mariam Dryden
    Howard - Phebean, the wife of Wm. Howard
    Knapp - Aquila, child of  Jonathan and Mary Knapp
    Lyon - Sarah, daughter of Capt. Joseph and Sarah Lyon
    Nealson - James and Molly, children of  James and Margaret Nealson
    Parker - David, Elizabeth and Samuel, children of David and Sarah Parker
    Rulofson - Ann, daughter of  Rulof and Mehitable Rulofson
    Scribner - Betsy, daughter of  Elias and Lydia Scribner
    Tunn - Nansey Rebecca, daughter of  Thomas Esq. and Rebecca Tunn
    White - Tamaren,  wife of John White
    White - Benjamin, Elizabeth and Mary, children of  John and Tamaren White
    Wood - Israel, Jacob, Platt, and Samuel, children of Israel and Ruth Wood

A service was held in the Trinity Church, Kingston on Sunday, July 29, 1809, when the Rev. Elias Scovil presented to Bishop Charles Inglis for confirmation, two hundred and fifty-seven candidates. This was in all probability the largest class ever confirmed in New Brunswick at one time. The candidates were of all ages, from grandsires down to boys and girls in their teens. No confirmation had been offered to them before this date. The visits from Bishops were rare in those days.

The next visit was that of Right Rev. John Inglis on July 26, 1826, when one hundred and eighty-two persons were confirmed and on the next visit in 1835, ninety-nine person were confirmed.

At the Easter Monday meeting in 1789 it was agreed, when planting and seedtime was over, to proceed in framing and raising the church of fifty feet in length by thirty-eight in width. The steeple was added in July, 1809. Stoves were not in use until 1810. A bell, weighing one hundred and twenty-nine pounds, was donated in 1813. The sum of two pounds, ten shillings was allowed by the vestry for tending the stove and ringing the bell.          

Microfilms of early marriages, baptisms and burials of the Trinity Church at Kingston are available for reading at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

The 125th Anniversary - Trinity Church, Kingston 1789-1914 by the Rev. Gordon C. Lawrence is available for viewing at the Saint John Free Public Library, the New Brunswick Legislative Library, Archives & Research Library of the New Brunswick Museum, Kings County Museum and at the John Fisher Memorial Museum in Kingston.

By the way, Donald Raynes is compiling a book on the Kingston Peninsula. If you have information that you are willing to share with him, such as vintage pictures of schools, churches, houses or businesses, he can be reached at 506-763-3580. E-mail Postal address is 6 Raynes Lane, Summerville, NB, E5S 1V1.
The Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society will be holding its meeting on Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lions Den at the Loch Lomond Villa. Felicity Osepchook from the Archives & Research Library of the New Brunswick Museum will be speaking about the Bibles and Diaries in their collection. Members are asked to bring a Diary or Bible that holds genealogical information.

Query 1296
Heywood - Cooper - Scott - Bullock. Seeking information about Zimri Brewer Heywood and his four wives, who were born in New Brunswick. He married Hannah Cooper in 1826 in Charlotte County. In 1836 in Charlotte County, he married Jane P. Scott. The next marriage was to Jane’s sister, Rebecca Scott in 1842 in Maine. About 1848, he married in Maine to Ann Bullock. Who were parents/ancestors of each the four wives? What is known about Zimri Brewer Heywood’s life in New Brunswick [land, occupation, community activities, etc.] before he migrated to Maine?
1297 Bretmoor Way
San Jose, CA
95129, USA

Query 1297
Crawford - Robertson - Allaby: I am seeking information and photos of the siblings and parents of William Crawford - born 11 Feb, 1852, married Sarah Jane Robertson and had 13 children. He died 07 Aug. 1930 in Kings County. My line comes through his daughter Annie Gertrude Crawford who married Delacy Allaby.
PO Box 112828
Anchorage, AK
99511-2828, USA

Query 1298
Goddard: Information needed on the place of death and burial for Judson Eldridge Goddard, son of David Goddard and Isabella Graves, who was born in Anagance in 1824 and died in 1896.  ALICE GODARD ALLEN
68 Suncrest Dr. Ext.
Somers, CT
06071, USA

Query 1299
Ross: Can anyone provide information on the name of the father of Daniel Moore Ross, who was born in 1832 in Kings County, New Brunswick. His mother was Jane Ross and his siblings were, James, Matthew, Mary Ann, Jane and Alexander.
4109 Chenowith Rd, SPC C/43
The Dalles, Oregon
97058, USA

Query 1300
Kirkpatrick:  Andrew Kirkpatrick was one of three brothers from either Scotland or Ireland, who settled in Gondola Point. His wife was Jane McPhilmeny. He died 5 July 1880 and is buried in St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Gondola Point. Can anyone provide information on his lineage?
10 Spruce Rd.
Swansea, MA
02777, USA

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