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United Baptist Missionary Women

As soon as the supper dishes were finished, Mum sat down at the kitchen table with her old school geography book.

I leaned over her shoulder and asked, “What are you reading?”

She replied, “I am looking at the map of India. Tomorrow night we are going to the hall to hear Dr. and Mrs. Ben Gullison speak about their missionary work in that country. I want to have an idea about the location of the places they will be mentioning.”

On October 2, 1875, the General Conference of the Baptist Church met at Lower Millstream, to hear missionaries, Dr. and Mrs. James L. Phillips tell of their ten years of work in India.  On the following Monday, Mrs. Phillips gave an address to the women. By the time the meeting closed, the Free Baptist Woman’s Missionary Society of New Brunswick had been formed with Mrs. William H. Heine as president. Other officers were Miss M. J. Fenwick, Miss Lottie Carpenter, Mrs. William Peters and Mrs. S. J. Jenkins.

During the first year, twelve auxiliary societies were organized and by the second year, these had increased to thirty-nine.

In the 1920 publication, “Fifty Years with the United Baptist Missionary Women of the Maritime Provinces”, pictures were included of Mrs. William H. Heine, Mrs. William Peters, Mrs. C. H. Martell, Mrs. Stephen Selden, Mrs. M. W. Williams, Mrs. John March, Mrs. J. W. Manning, Miss A. E. Johnstone, Miss Clara R. Fullerton, Mrs. C. T.. Phillips, Mrs. G. A. Hartley, Miss Jessie B. Hooper, Miss Clara I. Boyer, Mrs. A. C. Smith, Mrs. J. Smith, Miss Elizabeth E. Gaunce, Mrs. Joseph H. McLeod, Mrs. C. W. Weyman, Miss Augusta Slipp, Mrs. David Hutchinson, Miss A. Wadman, and Mrs. G. Botsford Smith.

Miss Jessie B. Hooper, a teacher in the Fredericton schools, accompanied Dr. and Mrs. Phillips when they returned to India in the fall of 1878 and remained there until 1883, overseeing the schools and doing evangelistic work in the surrounding communities.

Also in 1878, “The Helping Hand” Band of Carleton, Saint John was formed for teen age girls who carried on a junior sewing circle, as well as the study of missions.

The book, “Fifty Years with the United Baptist Missionary Women of the Maritime Provinces” is part of the Baptist Collection and can be viewed in the Kirkconnell Room at Acadia University.

Query 1346
Greenlaw - Kidder - Wilkins - Bates - Fenlason: Looking to find out about Mary Mercy Greenlaw who was reportedly born in Maine around 1775. She married in 1798 in New Brunswick to Calvin Kidder who was born in 1765 in New Hampshire. They had one child, J. Calvin Kidder, who was born less than 2 weeks before his father was killed in a boating accident circa 1800. He married  Mary Jane Wilkins. Mrs. Mary Kidder remarried to Ambrose Bates of New Brunswick and had several children. They later moved to Maine. This Mary Mercy Greenlaw is not the daughter of Charles and Mercy Greenlaw as that Mary married Nathaniel Fenlason of Machias, Maine.
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No. Billerica, MA  
01862, USA

Query 1347
Trainor: James Trainor, born in 1803 in Ireland, left the Port of Belfast in Aug.1833 on  the John & Mary of New Castle and arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick. He traveled with wife Sally and children, Benny, John, Kitty, James, Patrick, Alley, Thomas and Edward. Lived in Canada for nearly 35 years before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1865.
4085 Bellington Court
Tallahassee, FL
32317, USA

Query 1348
Shaw: Samuel Shaw was a Belfast sea captain who regularly sailed from Dundalk to Saint John. His brig was Amaryllis. A past researcher found in the marine news of old newspapers the record of many voyages, but did not record dates. His children Emily, Frances, Pringle and Samuel arrived in Saint John circa 1836. He is listed in 1835-36 Belfast directory, so was alive then. According to Acadiensis Vol.2 1902 he died in Saint John about 1845. I would like to confirm his date and place of death.
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