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For quite some time, Mum had been sitting at the kitchen table, writing with her fountain pen. As I watched her, I was confused. She seemed to be copying the letter she had just written. I figured she had made a mistake and maybe was rewriting the letter.

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and I asked, “What are you doing?”

She put down her pen and stretched her fingers before answering.

“I am writing letters to my four cousins who live in the States.” “To make certain, I don’t forget to tell one something that I told the other one, I am copying the letters word for word.”

Cliff suggested, “Why don’t you use the black carbon paper in the drawer and write with a pencil?” “That way, you will need to write the letter only once.”

In 1997, Don Glendenning developed a newsletter as a way to pass along family information to his siblings.  Some friends and other relatives became aware of the newsletter, which he titled “The Family Chronicle” so he  developed an electronic mailing list. The next step was posting the newsletters, to a website where any interested person could read them. Today you can browse the entire 103 from 1997 to 2005 at

The Newsletter is devoted to genealogy. More specifically, it deals with the genealogy of his father, Elmer Alton Glendenning, and mother, Jane Elizabeth Jardine Watling. Its purpose is to share as well as seek information and is published from time to time. More recent issues include his recollections of life in Black River when he was growing up.  He is also interested in the relationships among families in the community, especially before World War II,  and the resulting movement of people from rural to urban areas.

In addition to Watling and Glendenning, his ancestors include people named Harley, Peters, Sealey, Beattie, Rae, MacDonald, McAskill, MacNaughton, Leach and Jardine.

Don’s introduction to gathering information, on the Glendenning side, was more than forty years ago with a look at the family Bible of his Great-grandfather, John Glendinning where it had been recorded that he emigrated from Scotland in 1830 and was born in Callister Hall, Scotland on April 2, 1807, the son of John Glendinning and Mary Rae.  His death was documented in the Bible as, “In Memory of John Glendinning who died May 15th A.D. 1877 in Canobie, Parish of New Bandon, County of Gloucester. A native of Scotland, Dumfries. Born April 2nd A.D. 1807. Died May 15th 1877. Aged 70 years.”

The educator’s trait in Don surfaces as he shares information about his family, community and the times in which he grew up.

Visit his website at If you have information to share with him, he would be very pleased to hear from you. His E-mail address is

Query 1343
Ward - Dupuis - Chiassom: Michel Ward, born 1822, married 1) Olive Chiassom 2) Marie-Louise Dupuis. They lived in different parts of New Brunswick. Both died before 1881. He was the father to twelve children. Information needed on the parents of Michael Ward and of his second wife Marie-Louise Dupuis.
143 Matawan Road
Laurence Harbor, NJ
08879, USA

Query 1344
Willows Hotel, Reed's Point: Looking for older pictures of and stories about the Willows Hotel in Reed's Point on the Kingston Peninsula 1885 - 1920. It was run by James Waddell, Hugh and Sarah McCormick and Roy Waddell.
1092 Route 845, Kingston
NB, Canada, E5N 1K6

Query 1345
Cougle: John Cougle, born circa 1746, served in 1st  Battalion New Jersey Volunteer Regiment as Lieutenant, Captain and Lt. Colonel, King’s County Militia. He died in 1819, buried old Loyalist Cemetery Sussex Corner, Kings County, New Brunswick. He had a son, Joseph Cougle, born circa 1780, who was gazetted lieutenant Kings County Militia 12 Jan.1799. Later was Captain.
17 Speers Court
Warrandyte 3113, Australia

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