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Loggieville - Child of Miramichi

Before we dressed in our good clothes for church, Cliff and I walked to the pasture and picked a bouquet of bluets for Mum. Her thank-you made us feel as if we had bought her a dozen red roses.

When we arrived at the Kirk, there were extras in the congregation as several family members had come home for Mother’s Day.

After the service, we went to Gram’s. As soon as the kitchen door opened, the aroma of potato scallop, baked beans and ham greeted us.

Once everyone had eaten their full and the dishes were done, we went into the double parlour to find Dad cranking the gramophone in preparation to playing a new record Gram had received.

The adults were soon singing along at the top of their voices. But all good things must come to an end and the good times ended suddenly when we heard a “whir” and the music stopped. The spring had broken.

From “Loggieville - Child of Miramichi” by James A. Fraser, I learned W. R. Gould, a Chatham jeweller had the first gramophone in the area. It was such a great novelty that a recital was given in the Temperance Hall at Black Brook (Loggieville), on 3 March 1893. The hall was filled with folk anxious to hear a machine sing and give instrumental selections.

Another entertaining evening was on 4 February, 1884, when thirty-five couples were present at a “ball” that was held at the school with the music provided by Madigan.

Court Fairhaven #3642 of the Order of Foresters was established in Loggieville in 1898, with eleven beneficiary members.

A meeting of smelt fishermen was held in the schoolhouse on 12 January 1878, to have the fishing season extended to March 1.

In March, 1894 a meeting was held in regard to the extension of the railway from Chatham to Black Brook.

Pauline Johnson, gave a recital of her poems at the Temperance Hall in 1906 and stayed at the Terminal Hotel.

In the 1973 publication, “Loggieville - Child of Miramichi”, James A. Fraser relates details on  events that were held in the community as well as information on the early settlers, fires, epidemics, quarantine station, sawmills, smelt fishing, name change, developing years, railway, businesses, education and much more.

The book is available for viewing at several libraries.


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Hall - Poitras: Henry  Allan  Hall  was  born  on 23 Dec 1867, possibly Fredericton  and died  on 28 Oct 1917 at Wapske, New Brunswick. He married on 8 Jun 1897 in Grand Falls to Agnes  Amelia  Poitras and they had three children, Pearl Amelia, Earl Leonard, and Roy Vincent. Who were the parents and siblings of Henry Allan Hall? He may have had a half-brother named John Irons.
60 Bungalow Row St.
Plaster Rock, NB
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Hersey - Chase: Leverett Hersey, born circa 1816 married Catharine Chase who was born about 1816. Was he the son of Samuel Hersey who was born in 1776?

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