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Message Boards for Genealogy

Aunt Ethel brought us a book on Semaphore Flag Signalling which proved to be very interesting and entertained us for hours.

It took us a long time to draw out and study the arm movements for the letters of the alphabet.

We found two old broom handles and attached pieces of an old bed sheet to create our flags.

Now we were ready and off we went to the meadow where Ken was going to read the message we sent.

Cliff told me to signal “F” for the first letter. I became really confused. I held one flag in my left hand with it pointed down and the one in my right hand was out straight. Cliff was quite upset with my blunder as I had reversed the hand positioning of the flags.

If you want to send messages to tell others about the ancestors you are tracing and any difficulties you are having in your search, modern technology has passed the need to do Semaphore Flag Signalling. Furthermore you can read messages that were posted by others by using a message board such as the ones by Ancestry.

For New Brunswick, you can visit and either take a look at the “General” one with more than five thousand postings or choose one for a specific county within the province.

On Westmorland County, I found more than four thousand messages waiting to be read. Linda was looking for Ernest (Ernie) Ford who may have had a brother on a farm in Petitcodiac between 1911-1922. Another one concerned the McGlashing name being researched by Sandi.

Yvon posted on the Restigouche County message Board for details on the parents of Jean Meunier who married Magdelaine Hebert circa 1780 and had two sons born in the Miramichi in the 1780s.
On the Kent County Board, Eva wants to find out about the Bishop Land School in Ste. Marie as John and Maria Sprague sent their girls there in the1860s.

Rich sent a message to the Charlotte County board that he is seeking info on the Thomas Grimmer family and the daughter Catherine, who married John Smith and lived in St. Stephen.

There are many genealogy related message boards grouped as to localities, surnames and topics to be found at

Another interesting Message Board is GenForum at which also includes all sorts of information on how to start your research on the internet.

A possible way to break down your genealogical brick wall is to post a message for help; also reading the messages others have posted may provide information on your ancestors, as well as new sources available.

No queries were published this week.
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