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The Monctonians

Milking time was fast approaching but not one cow had made an appearance. Cliff called for Pal to follow and off we headed up over the hill to the back end of the pasture in search of the herd.

After lots of chasing and barking by Pal, we finally managed to get the cattle out of the woods, where they had been hiding to escape the blackflies.

As we hurried along, we waved our arms to keep the swarms of flies from biting us.

When we reached the barn, Gramp asked, “Were you attacked by Hessian flies?” Then he added, “Elisha Trites died of fly bites as she didn’t have the use of her arm to protect herself.”

In reading “The Monctonians” by J. E. Belliveau, I learned that Elisha Trites’s late husband, Jacob, was the first permanent settler and owner of the present day City of Moncton.

There are lots of interesting facts in the books, such as, the first Mayor of Moncton, shipbuilder Joseph Salter and his wife Margaret Shaw had their picture taken in the late 1850s by Canadian photographer Notman of Montreal.

James Trites Dunlap was the wealthiest Moncton man of his time. His second house was completed just before his death in 1879.

Ethel “Queenie” Murphy taught for fifty-two years in Moncton schools and was the first woman graduated from Dalhousie University.

Catherine Hennessey, of Kilkenny, Ireland arrived in 1849 as a trained teacher and taught for fifty years in Moncton schools.

Oliver Jones, the seventh child in a family of nine of Petitcodiac, was Moncton’s first banker. He was involved in many business adventures, from manufacturing of soap to building ships.

Simon Newcomb became the greatest American astronomer of the 19th century.

The two volumes of  “The Monctonians” by J. E. Belliveau published in the early 1980s reveal stories of not only the early settlers but of the Citizens, Saints, Scoundrels, Scamps, Scholars and Politicians who made Moncton and in so doing a portrait is painted of a City and its people.

The publications are available at several research institutions and libraries.

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Query 1494
Scott - Allan - Woods: Donald Scott married Janet Allan in Forgue, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on 15 Jan 1921 and emigrated to Canada in 1929 with children, Alexandrina born 1922 who married Robert Woods in 1941, Christina born1923, Arthur born1926 and Kathleen born1929. Donald and Janet were both buried in Harcourt. I am seeking their descendants.
80 Farm Rd.
NSW  2777

Query 1495
Saunders - Sanders - Grier- Greer: Thomas Sanders or Saunders born 20 Jun 1860 married Bessie Grier and had children, Annie born 18 Nov 1883, John born 2 Mar 1900 in New Brunswick. Remarries to Edna Mae Greer and has two children in Oakfield, Maine. I would like to know what happened to Thomas and Bessie?
P.O. Box 193
Smyrna, ME
04780, USA

Query 1496
Lawrence - Oliver: I am searching for birth records for the children, probably born in L’etete, New Brunswick to Mary (Oliver) and William Lawrence. I have the names of children, James - born circa 1836, William H., Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, and Hiram.

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