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A Rebel Redeemed, from George W. to George III

I was hoping it would be raining when I woke up but instead I was greeted with bright sunlight peeking around the edges of the green blind that covered the window. This meant it would be a great day to dig the potatoes.

Dad didn’t trust me with the hack as I damaged too many of the potatoes in the past so I had the task of pulling the tops and piling them - a job I hated as there were thistles hiding in them.

When that assignment was finished, he sent me to the cellar to clean up any remains of rotten potatoes that were left in the bin from the previous years.

Cliff had the job of picking up the little potatoes which would be cooked in the iron pot and fed to the pigs.

The day ended with the potatoes being dumped down the chute to the cellar where they would be stored as part of our winter food cache.

After supper, I picked up the pencil and wondered how much of today’s going-ons should be recorded in my diary?

Philip Turner used the fictitious diary of Charlotte Carver, daughter of Squire Richard Finnemore, as the backbone for his historical novel “A Rebel Redeemed, from George W. to George III”.

Charlotte recorded the every day family life in Sussex and Saint John plus the stories told by her  husband Jonas Carver, to his children of his experiences in the American Revolution. Jonas  had a black savior, that is how he lived to tell these tales.

Mr. Turner states, “It is a story about a common man who did uncommon things.”

This is one book you won’t need to read from cover to cover to find out the details, as on October 4, 2006 at 7:30 p.m., Trinity Church in Sussex will present a play at the book launching of  “A Rebel Redeemed, from George W. to George III”. Rev. Lynne  Josselyn with the help of  the Gray Memorial Players, will direct this historical play, based on the people of Sussex  in the time of the Rev. Oliver Arnold. The play will peak your curiosity for the whole story about the "Turn Coat" Jonas.

Query 1511
Govoro - Gauvreau - Ramsay - Matthews - Marcoux: Mary Govoro or Gauvreau  was born 01 Oct 1856, in Northumberland County. She and her brother George were orphaned circa 1860. She was adopted by Peter Ramsay of Barryville who was possibly her uncle. She married Francois Matthews or Marcoux. They moved to United States about 1880 where she died in 1905. Does anyone have information on her and the family?

Query 1512
Roulston - Pickle: Galbraith Roulston married Harriet Pickle 15 Aug 1839 at Greenwich Parish, Kings County. Also lived Queens County. Harriet died in Saint John in 1914. Searching for names of children and descendants and Galbraith's death date in the 1870s. 

Query 1513
Worden - Gunn: Robert Worden married Anne Gunn in 1885, possibly as a result of his name being published in the Feb 14 1884 Leap Year article that featured the names of the most eligible bachelors in town! He had a house built at198 King Street in 1892 where he lived until his death on 18 Jan 1929. In1923, he retired and closed one of the last livery stables and hack service that was located on the north side of King Square. His father Robert Thomas Worden was made famous in the area much earlier by his connection with the infamous Maggie Vail, Black River Road murder trial. He was a well-known horseman in the area, as well as a pretty good jockey. Seek information on Robert Worden and his family and their business ventures. Also interested in locating information on Mr. Worden being asked to be the teamster for a 6-point hitch (Three Teams) to drive royal visitors on a visit to Saint John.
Unit 2102 - 3600 College Park Dr.
The Woodlands, TX
77384, USA

Query 1514
McCracken - Hewitt: Seeking information on parents, brothers and sisters of John McCracken born 1835 in New Brunswick, a Presbyterian, who resided in Charlotte County in 1874 and 1881 and died before 1901. He was married to Mary Emiline Hewitt.
40 Hawthorne Street
St. Stephen, NB
Canada, E3L 1W6
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