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Waterford Parish
Kings County, New Brunswick

On the way home from church, Mum suggested it would be a great day to take a drive to see all the autumn colours. After we ate and the dishes were done, we piled into the car.

Cliff and I thought the route through Hammond was taking us to Sussex but just before Sussex Corner, Dad made a sharp turn. Soon we were in a valley which seem to cut right through high hills.

What a surprise we had, when the car stopped at Waterford and we raced to the bridge and looked down at the rushing pools of water in Trout Creek.  I thought it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

In 1995,  Faye Armstrong Pearson compiled "The History of Waterford Parish"  using information gathered by Harvey Dalling and Ernest Friars for the Kings County Historical and Archival Society newsletters of 1979 and 1980. In some cases, information was gathered during interviews with residents or former residents of the Parish.

The information gives the history of churches, schools, teachers, buildings, families and cemeteries in the parish under the headings of the following settlements: Waterford, Walker Settlement, Rockville, Cedar Camp, Chamber Settlement, Urney, Donegal, Elm Valley and Philmunro.

Cemetery inscriptions are included of the Walker Settlement and Baskin Cemeteries as well as a partial list of those buried at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Philmunro.

There were many mills in Waterford Parish, mostly saw and grist mills. From 1870 until 1906, James A. Moore ran both saw and grist mills at Waterford Village. Marshall Sharp not only operated saw and grist mills but also a carding mill until his death in 1905 when they went to his son, Edgar.

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On October 14 and 15, 2006 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick will be in attendance at the Waterford Valley Fall Festival, organized by the Waterford Valley Development Association and hosted by Poley Mountain.

The Archives will be bringing resource material to enable people to do genealogical research as well as a display of photographs from their collection of the Waterford area.

Allen Doiron,  Manager of the Cartographic Records of the Archives will be doing a presentation on genealogy for people interested in knowing more about the subject and how information can be gained through the many resources that will be on hand.

For more details on Waterford’s second annual festival to celebrate the fall season through genealogy, music, art exhibits and lively interpretive activities visit

One of the events is an old fashioned Turkey Supper that will be served in the Waterford Hall on Saturday from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

By the way, the years have passed and a lot of water has flowed under the Waterford Bridge but I still like to pay a visit to that bridge to watch the eddies and then look around to wonder what has happened here in the past and what was life really like way back then. I can almost see the many mills, both large and small, that once stood on Trout Creek.

Query 1515
Vaughan - Hopewell - Welch: Specifically looking for the parents of John Vaughan (1827-1911), married to Mary Jane Hopewell (c1838-1905) on 13 Jun 1853 in St. Martins, St. John County, New Brunswick. Also searching for the parents of John Welch (c1850-1923) married to Mary Jane Vaughan (1854-1949), daughter of John and Mary Jane (Hopewell) Vaughan, on 18 Feb. 1873 in New Brunswick.
77 Farquhar Place, Elliot Lake
Ontario, Canada, P5A 3J5

Query 1516
O’Leary - Nichols - Werner - Crowley: I am inquiring about John O'Leary born1794 in Cork, Ireland and died in Chipman, New Brunswick, 21 Jun 1871. Married Elizabeth Nichols in 1822, who was born 1802 in Digby, Nova Scotia, died in Chipman in 1871. Her parents were John Richard Nichols and Catherine Werner. Children: Michael, Marguerite, Mary Ann, Matilda, John, and my line Harriet born in 1844 in Chipman - married James Crowley. James and Harriet moved to Olympia, Washington circa 1889.
8825 114th Ave. SE
Newcastle, WA
98056, USA

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